can we all take a moment to appreciate how our oppars have some of the most magnificently badass dance choreography in kpop


We may be different but we are one in the same light

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#sometimes i feel their combined IQ barely passes 30

When Korean Idols Decided to Tweet In English

  • Yesung: Tokyo in Yesung.
  • Lee Hongki: Fuck You keke
  • Donghae: Thank you EFL.
  • Dongho: Oh my godless.
  • G-dragon: U good, mang?
  • Gikwang: Baby Good moring.^-^
  • Onew: Location - Singer
  • Heechul: Whats LOL?
  • Bang Yong Guk: this place is so beutiful
  • Dongwoon: christmas is coming and when you orgasm?
  • Jaejoong: no............shit
  • Kevin: Please support u-piss ^^

BoA and Yunho- Only One (Comeback Show ‘BoA4354’)  

Main Dancers

9 surefire ways to get oppa’s attention.

K-Pop rainbow

SMTown Laughs
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