Favourite Brazilian Films:
• O Ano em que Meus Pais Saíram de Férias (2006)

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Fanfiction - The Conductor

My fellow whovians!
Please read my fanfiction, with the adventures of a young timelord called the Conductor and Aileen, his way too curious companion :D

Annie, the movie: 1982 - 1999 - 2014

Mythology meme//
2 Mytholgical objects: Muiraquitã (Brazil)
                                        Pandora’s Box (Ancient Greece)

Modern Who AU
What if Doctor Who was made in Brazil? (pt 2/?)

Daniel Boaventura as Captain Jack Harkness
Christiane Torloni as Sarah-Jane Smith
André Luiz Miranda as Mickey Smith
Paulo José as Wilfred Mott
Patrícia Pillar as River Song
Gregório Duvivier as Rory Williams
Wagner Moura/João Bourbonnais as The Master/Prof. Yana

Modern Who AU
What if Doctor Who was made in Brazil? (pt 1/?)

Dan Stulbach as the 9th Doctor
Leandra Leal as Rose Tyler
Marcelo Serrado as the 10th Doctor
Sheron Menezzes as Martha Jones
Heloísa Perissé as Donna Noble
Selton Mello as the 11th Doctor
Camila Morgado as Amy Pond
Marcela Barrozo as Clara Oswald
José Mayer as the 12th Doctor
Lima Duarte as the War Doctor

Annie, 10/01, 20, Brasil.

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